JaunumiZero waste challenge 2024 Baltic school team competition

Zero waste challenge 2024 Baltic school team competition

Organized by “Latvian chef’s club”
Riga food 2024

When: 2024 September 7
Where: Kipsala BT 2 hall, Riga food 2024
Time: 11.00-16.30
Organizer: Latvian chef’s club in cooperation with Estonian and Lithuanian chefs associations, Riga food exhibition 2024. The competition goal is Baltic schools cooperation and sustainable kitchen principals.

Competition philosophy:
Think about the waste amount in the food industry; change the thinking of a chef starting from the young generation

Competition plan:
Competition is planned for 6 professional schools from 3 Baltic countries (2 from LITHUANIA, 2 from LATVIA, 2 from ESTONIA):
Every school team contains of 2 students and 1 teacher from the same professional school.

The team will get the black box ingredients 10 minutes before the start. The team will create the name of the dish and simple receipt of the dish in English and give to the jury.
After the competition time starts, the team of 2 students has to prepare 1 main course in 6 portions and the teacher must use maximum left overs to create 1 starter in 6 portions. The size of the starter may vary according to the teamwork result and ingredient smart and effective use of the team.

The main ingredients for the starter: Flora vegetable cooking cream, chanterelle mushrooms, yellow potato. For main course: will be announced by 10.08.24.

All the other ingredients are the black box and will be shown to the competitors on the day of competition.
Teams can bring their own dried spices with them to the competition. No semi fractured or readymade ingredients (chips, crumble, bread, liquids or similar) are not allowed.

Every team will have their one equipment set, which will be provided by Prolux (equipment plan in attachment).

•One refrigerator Electrolux Prostore 470L, with 3 shelves for 2 team
•4 round induction stove on the open base for every team.
•2 working tables
•Convection oven Electrolux 6GN 1/1 with steam function.
•One hand mixer Electrolux home appliance for every team.
•1 sink for work
•1 common table with sink and dish washing machine for dish washing on the backstage.
•A set of paper towels, chemicals for cleaning.
•1 blast chiller crosswise Electrolux 10 GN 1/1 for 6 teams.
•One garbage box per team. All the waste separation system teams organizes on their one.

! all the portative small equipment and kitchen utensils, inventory must be organized by the competitors.

! Plates are provided by the organizers. There will be 2 kind of plates from Churchill, provided by Gemoss.
For starter:

RAK. EABW20 – 20x6cm 110cl

For main course:

Material: Alchemy Fine China Colour: White Product code: APRDUP581 Width:26.80 cm – 10 1⁄2″ Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe Abstract | Churchill China (churchill1795.com)

The team can set the kitchen with their utensils 30 min. before the start.
All the ingredients are provide by organizers. There will be a set of common ingredients for all the participants. This part of ingredients will not be judges as must be used maximum as of Zero waste concept. All the ingredients from the black box has to be used maximum quantity with the leftovers as of Zero waste concept. All the addable waste will be scaled and judged by the judging compete.
The team does not have to bring any extra ingredients.

Non food waste:
There is not allowed to use any one-time use plastic (plastic film, one-time use boxes, spoons, vacuum bags or any other one-time use plastic materials, no glass items are allowed in the kitchen because of the safety reasons).

Detailed time period schedule:
10.00 – 10.40 – all teams registration, set the kitchen utensils
10.40 – 10.55 all teams get the black box and can take the extra ingredients from the common table.
All the teams has to write the menu of the day in English and submit it to the judging committee at 10.55 (name of the dishes and short description of the menu and concept)
10.55 – all the teams go out of the kitchens
11.00 – first team starts the work, all other teams start their work according to the schedule:

Judging roles.
There will be an international team of 5 experienced judges.
One dish will be judged with max. 100 points.
There will be 5 international judges.
One plate goes for the picture and 5 plates for judges.
•Prep, mise an place, hygiene 0-5 points.
•Presentation : 0–10 points;
•Taste: 0–50 points;
•Technics 0-15 points
•waste amount, ingredients used % – 0-10 points
•Energy consumption – 0-10 points

The awarding ceremony will be held 7.09.24 at 15.30-16.30 in the exhibition hall nr.2.
The price will be given to the winner school to have a symbol of the competition – Glass plate, and to improve the school practical work.

The application must be sent to the organizers until 1.06.24.
There must be the names of participants (name of the teacher is mandatory for this date, names of the students can be sent until 7.08.24), title and a name of the school, as well as a contact phone, mail and address of every participant personally and a school address and a contact information, school juridical data for invoicing.

Participation fee:
400 Eur per School. The payment have to be made until 15.08.24

Biedrība Pavāru klubs

Reģ. Nr. LV 40008082630 Burtnieku iela 36-1, Rga, LV-1084.

Konts: LV43HABA0551007700946 AS Swedbank SWIFT kods: HABALV2
Extra information:
All the Baltic school participants from Lithuania and Estonia will have accommodation from 6 of September 15.00 until 7 of September 12.00. The location: Ibis Hotel Riga, Ibis Hotel Riga, Marijas st. 5, Rīga, LV-1050.

All the Baltic school competition participants are welcome for the school dinner buffet stile 6.09.24 at 19.00 – for the friendship dinner. The location of the dinner: Ibis Hotel Riga, Marijas st. 5, Riga, LV-1050.
Dress code: smart casual.

Info and registration: www.chef.lv
E-mail: riskova.svetlana@inbox.lv,
mob: +371 29 238 453 (Latvian chef’s club competition manager Svetlana Riškova)
mob. +371 , administrator.

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